Episode 62 with DropCardLucy & YeahLome

It's Episode 62: DropCardLucy stops by to talk about the company she works for that helps bring your media to life more than just "a link". Listen as DCLucy breaks down the why's of working with DropCards instead of going the conventional route & talks about her experience with being Catfished by not-that-Catfish. Lucy & this Catfish talk about Fifa, Suarez & their passion for "real football". Segment 2 is where you hear the story of YeahLome, a producer out of France.  Recently YeahLome reached out to Lil Scrappy about having him on his album. Lil Scrappy's manager supposedly took the money and ran.  YeahLome says he has all the proof he needs and that he's got some things to say to Scrappy.  We figured, why not? Our platform is your platform. Episode 62 of The Blind Box, and you can't. teach. THAT.