Episode 50 with DJ IROC

Episode 50 of The Blind Box. We’ve come a long way and couldn’t have done it without the people. In return, we wanted to give you something we consider special. TipTalk makes its debut as well as BX to Upstate NY & all over the globe, AMW’s own DJ IROC stops by to talk about everything from getting his start as Big L’s tour DJ,  to working around SONY, finding his record in Japan, being around Bad Boy in the 90’s (including studio experiences with BIG & Puff), his memories of the historic NYC club “The Tunnel”, Summerjam Stages, The Grammys, & his experiences dj’ing the past 7 years with Miss Alicia Keys. IROC also talks with Catfish & GM about his first time meeting Nicki Minaj,  laying scratches for Big Pun’s “Super Lyrical” (on space cookies), meeting Meek Mill (on TinyChat) , all while he explains to GM that knowing DJ Dirty Harry isn’t the same thing as knowing DJ Dirty Harry.

This is a special 2 hour spotlight, roll up, pour up, press play and soak up game. Incase we haven’t said it enough, we’re just getting started. The Blind Box.