Episode 54 with TheQueenSpeaks & iNanz (Nanlib)

Episode 54 where are you? We right here, yall. And it's an episode for the ladies.  Well, fellas, you're more than welcome to listen while we introduce TheQueenSpeaks & iNanz to the show. In the first segment, TheQueenSpeaks talks about guys who compare their junk to..junk... Trying to have kids, having all those pictures on y our phone and Female vs Woman and why it matters and why it really may not.  In the 2nd Segment artist and hip hop head iNanz stops by to talk about designing covers, how guests don't hear The Blind Box but still agree to do the show (and why GM & Catf1sh shouldnt be offended by that), How Madlib is one artists makind different genres of music in the name of Hip Hop & how she never took Lil B seriously until GM & Catf1sh plead their case of The Based God. At the end of the episode GM introduces Catf1sh to "compliment battles" and you can hear a very genuine reaction to the entire situation.  This is The Blind Box, speak up, speak out.