Episode 56 with Sports Off Challenge & Gleams

I think Episode 56 Crazy, I think Episode 56 Cra....ok, but really, SPORTS! The Blind Box has decided it's time to crown themselves their first ever "Sports Expert".  In one corner, we have Baltimore Alex. Day one listener of the show and deserving contender to the crown. In the other corner? THIS. ISSSS. FUUUUUZE. Fuze makes his return to the show and attempts to stake his claim at the title of Blind Box Sports Expert. (Yes, that's the actual title). This isn't your typical sports-off, this is Blind Box style. How many of the questions can you yourself answer correctly? Step up and give it a go.  Think you can knock off the winner? Hit us up for your shot at that #1 spot.  Segment 2 is where The Blind Box listeners are introduced to NYC MC & twitter og, Gleams.  Gleams talks about what it was like linking with his favorite MC Joe Budden through twitter, what he's been up to since and how things have changed since that night. The same year, Catfish interviewed Gleams for his blog & GM decides to re-ask those same questions to find out how thing's may be a little different for where Gleams is at mentally.  Episode 56 of The Blind Box. Lets Gooooooooooooo.