Episode 59 with Mari Cornejo & Shevah

Episode 59 of The Blind Box is now live, and..... THE CHAMP IS HERRRRE! WBC International SuperMiddleweight Champion Mari Cornejo stops by the show to talk about what its like being a woman in a "man's sport". GM& Catfish talk to Mari about what it was like making the change from girly girl to pro boxer, what it's like finding a date for a girl who isn't interested in hitting the gym with you, Floyd vs Ronda, her time growing up and what recently caused her "ah-ha!" moment. Mari also tells a touching story about the gas station (no, really) & a whole lot more. In the 2nd segment artist & fashion guru Shevah stops by to talk what Kanye may currently be up to, majoring in art, Lil Wayne and the argument of influence vs indirect biting & a lot more. GM learns how to pronounce names, so thats fun. Catfish plays Fifa the entire episode (surprise, surprise). The Blind Box, 59, ring the bell!